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SNAP-Ed is designed to help low-income Hoosiers make the healthy choice the easy choice when it comes to buying and cooking food. SNAP-Ed programming provides education classes that teach tips for improving overall nutrition, cooking skills and creative ways to stretch food dollars each month. The skills learned through nutrition education classes along with the positive environmental changes enable people to live healthier and happier lives. Our mission at DNPA is to provide oversight to the program by providing nutrition content expertise and technical support to the implementing agency, which is Purdue University Extension.

Additionally, we are working to strengthen state-wide collaboration with other partnering agencies to enhance the great work that Purdue is already doing. Purdue Extension provides direct nutrition education to groups of low-income Hoosiers in each of the 92 counties.

Many of the educators live in the same communities they serve. This enables them to tailor their classes to meet the specific needs of participants and help overcome barriers to quality nutrition. Additionally, the Community Wellness Coordinatorsalso employed by Purdue, across the state are continually working on conducting PSE changes in coordination with community stakeholders.

Some examples of these initiatives include improving access to healthy food, improving safety and feasibility of physical activity and creating opportunities to learn new skills by developing community gardens and greenspaces where people can socialize and learn from one another.

snap ed connection

The goal of SNAC is to maximize state and local partnerships across Indiana to more effectively address the gaps in nutrition education and services for the SNAP-eligible audience. To learn more about this group, or to become a member, please contact jdickerson isdh.

Search IN. Find an IN. Top FAQs.Federal government websites always use a. FNS determines national policies and procedures, provides program monitoring and administrative oversight, facilitates resource sharing, and delivers technical assistance.

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Typically, such agencies contract with public and private SNAP-Ed implementing agencies and organizations. Land-grant universities coordinate efforts with other implementing agencies, such as state public health departments, food banks, tribal programs, local health organizations, and certain non-profit organizations.

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SNAP-Ed, formerly known as the Family Nutrition Program and Food Stamp Nutrition Education, began in when cooperative extension faculty in Brown County, Wisconsin and University of Wisconsin extension staff discovered that by committing state and local funding and contracting with the state SNAP agency, an equal amount of federal dollars could be secured to expand the reach of nutrition education to low-income persons in that area.

Other universities soon followed. Byland-grant colleges and universities were conducting SNAP-Ed in all 50 states either independently or in cooperation with other contractors, and accounted for the majority of state and local financial support of SNAP-Ed. NIFA's involvement with SNAP-Ed began inas land-grant university administrators identified the need for national leadership through their federal partner.

NIFA supports SNAP-Ed by providing leadership, establishing collaborative relationships, and strengthening communication among federal, state, and local partners. Specifically, it promotes well-trained staff; effective program planning, management, and reporting; identification and use of effective and appropriate resources; and improved consistency and clarity of communication among SNAP-Ed's many partners.

Increased emphasis was given to the use of evidence-based projects and interventions. SNAP-Ed's effectiveness stems largely from its community-based orientation. Land-grant institutions work closely with state and local public and private entities to strategically deliver SNAP-Ed using methods and locations that are most favorable to SNAP—eligible populations.

Myriad other state and local partners support university efforts by contributing a wide range of assistance and resources, such as participant referrals, team teaching, meeting space, child care and transportation, food demonstration supplies, equipment, and cash for supplementary resources. More recent actions include cooperation and collaboration to support policy, system, and environmental changes that make healthier food and physical activity choices the easy choice for SNAP-Ed eligible populations.

Documents on this site that were developed prior to this change contain the original language Food Stamp Nutrition Education, or FSNE used in this partnership. Skip to main content. History SNAP-Ed, formerly known as the Family Nutrition Program and Food Stamp Nutrition Education, began in when cooperative extension faculty in Brown County, Wisconsin and University of Wisconsin extension staff discovered that by committing state and local funding and contracting with the state SNAP agency, an equal amount of federal dollars could be secured to expand the reach of nutrition education to low-income persons in that area.Leftover applesauce from the dessert can be passed at the table to accompany the latkes.

English cookbook for Hanukkah Spanish cookbook for Hanukkah. These easy and delicious garlic bread sticks are a great side dish for our Chicken Spaghetti or as a snack.

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Quinoa pronounced "keen-wah" is a whole grain with origins in South America. It is combined in this recipe with black beans, savory vegetables, and spices for a cold salad that is light and refreshing. This salad is high in protein and can be served as a main or side dish. Traditionally, latkes are pancakes made from potatoes, but these latkes also include lentils, cheese, and hot sauce.

Flavorful and tasty, this dish makes a great weeknight meal. Enjoy it along with a side salad. Jump to Beef Pot Roast. Jump to Quinoa and Black Bean Salad. Jump to Spinach Potato Pancakes.

Jump to Red Lentil Latkes.

snap ed connection

Jump to Applesauce Loaf Cake. Makes 6 servings. Sprinkle with garlic powder and Italian seasoning. Stack bread and cut each slice into 3 equal parts. Bake at degrees for about 25 minutes or until crisp and lightly browned. This pot roast recipe is seasoned with orange juice, allspice, and pepper for a savory meal. Makes 8 servings. Stir it until the bouillon cube dissolves. This will make 2 cups of beef broth.

In a medium bowl, stir together the broth, orange juice, allspice, and pepper. Put 2 tablespoons water in the skillet.We've got recipes for Thanksgiving that will are sure to be a hit. English cookbook for Thanksgiving Spanish cookbook for Thanksgiving. Perfect for a holiday gathering, this roast turkey breast can be prepated in less time than a whole turkey. Ginger, soy sauce, and garlic fill this tofu with flavor. This dish is protein-packed and friendly to a vegetable-based diet.

For nutrition information, please visit Baked Tofu at What's Cooking? This stuffing has lots of crunch and flavor from the apples, celery, and onions. Whole wheat bread gives this recipe a boost of whole grains.

For nutrition information, please visit Grandma's Stuffing at What's Cooking? For nutrition information, please visit Candied Yams at What's Cooking? Enjoy the best of fall flavors with this sweet and tart green salad.

snap ed connection

A great option for cheesecake lovers. Less fat and saturated fat than a standard cheesecake but all of the flavor.

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Jump to Baked Tofu. Jump to Grandma's Stuffing. Jump to Homemade Mashed Potatoes. Jump to Hearty Mashed Potatoes. Jump to Green Bean Saute. Jump to Candied Yams. Jump to Apple Cranberry Salad Toss.

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Jump to Homemade Cranberry Sauce. Jump to Pumpkin Cheese Pie. Makes 8 servings. Place turkey breast in roasting pan along with onion and carrot. Mix spices with olive oil. Rub turkey with olive oil. Baste with margarine and chicken broth optional.No more gooey loaves - no more dried out loaves. Top Instant Read Kitchen ThermometersLook for lidded Pullman loaf pans at King Arthur Flour or check out this smaller Pullman loaf pan at Kitchenworks.

An easy way to create a good environment for gluten-free bread to rise is to turn your oven to 200 degrees F. When it reaches this temperature, turn the oven off and place a shallow baking pan partially filled with hot water in the oven. Lightly cover the loaf pan with a damp towel and place in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes or until the dough rises to the top of the loaf pan.

This method really does speed up the time it takes for gluten-free bread to rise. Just be sure to carefully watch the process so that your bread does rise over the top of the pan before baking.

Work With Room Temperature IngredientsYeast loves a warm environment and bread will rise more quickly and completely when ingredients are at room temperature rather than cold.

The Waste-free LunchboxIt has been estimated that on average a school-age child using a disposable lunch generates 67 pounds of waste per school year.

That equates to 18,760 pounds of lunch waste for just one average-size elementary school. If you're like us, you're always on the lookout for small changes that make a real difference in the world, and packing a waste-free lunch is once such change that's easy to make. If you walk around at lunchtime and take a good look at the lunches our children bring to school, here's what the typical lunch will look like: In this scenario very little trash is generated because foods are bought in bulk or in larger packages.

The packaging is left at home for reuse or recycling.

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Food waste also decreases because with a reusable lunch container, children can re-pack uneaten food instead of dumping it, packaging and all, into the school trash can. Education is the first step in the transition to a waste-free lunch. Talk to your children about why the school has decided to institute a waste-free lunch program.

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Provide them with age-appropriate information about the negative impact of a disposable lunch. Below is a list of suggestions that will help build communication and foster understanding. Read this list with your children.

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Ask them to circle the foods they'd like to see in their lunchboxes. The above information was excerpted from The Laptop Lunch User's Guide: Fresh Ideas for Making Wholesome, Earth-friendly Lunches Your Children Will Love.Bern for You (3) odds 4. Golden Tart (5) odds Scratched 5.

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FY2020 SNAP-Ed Guidance

R3 1200m 2:10PM Selections 3. R4 1200m 2:45PM Selections 5. R5 1600m 3:20PM Selections 2.Reply2 months 25 days agoAnonyShare On TwitterShare On GoogleThis is still plastic, but it seems like it uses less plastic. Reply2 months 29 days agoLynneShare On TwitterShare On Google Reply3 months 2 days agomarissaShare On TwitterShare On GoogleThis is so nice and useful.

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snap ed connection

Thanks:-) Reply3 months 23 days agoBeth TerryShare On TwitterShare On GoogleI understand why you would want to get it out of the cardboard box to preserve it from deterioration. If I were in your shoes, I think I would post an ad on Nextdoor or Craigslist asking if anyone had a plastic bin they wanted to get rid of. There are so many useful durable plastic items in existence already, and as long as they are not in contact with food or susceptible to breaking down into the environment, finding uses for them could be more environmentally-friendly than investing in brand new plastic-free items.

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Reply4 months 9 days agoSonja R. Reply4 months 12 days agobunnyShare On TwitterShare On Google Reply4 months 14 days agoElShare On TwitterShare On GoogleYou have an impressive list of tips. Many things I have never considered. Thank you for opening my eyes. Reply4 months 23 days agoJarinShare On TwitterShare On GoogleI am thoroughly fascinated. Reply5 months 3 days agoRebeccaShare On TwitterShare On GoogleOil your hair before washing it (I use olive oil).

Reply4 months 20 days agoPCSShare On TwitterShare On GoogleLush do great conditioner bars here in London, comes with no packaging. Reply4 months 26 days agoJo BranniganShare On TwitterShare On GoogleCan anyone give any ideas on how to pick up dog poop at the park without using a plastic bag.

Reply4 months 17 days agoBeth TerryShare On TwitterShare On GoogleSome people use old newspaper. I have gone mad with not using plastic. Arguing when they insist in putting my staff in plastic. It has become so tiresome though. Reply10 months 24 days agoIdaShare On TwitterShare On GoogleHi. I have one comment. For your Clothes section you never mention that the plastic clothes we have release high levels of plasticmicrofibers in every wash (up to 350.

Reply10 months 24 days agoBeeShare On TwitterShare On GoogleAmazing amount of information. I took some suggestions and will try out the products you suggestwashcloths, bar shampoos, stainless steel straws and natural deodorant. I plan to reuse more jam jars around the home too for food and cosmetic storage needs.

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